About Us

Who are we?

That's a really good question...
To answer that I have to take you back to a time when Obama was still running the USA. A time when Fuel was still $1.36 L.

January 2014 (according to Facebook).

That is when the friendship between us started. It was from that very moment that we knew... Things were about to get LIT! (do people still say lit?)

From then on, we have created many great memories, building ridiculous food creations like a hamburger lasagna to making puns on puns on puns.

But now we are here to bring you something magical.
DnA presents, Dat Boon Tang Website!!!



1 half of DnA...
I'm not old, but I'm also not young... Content Content Content!!!
Angus and I have this connection of personalities which allow us to talk, rant, joke, discuss and just have fun. All while bringing you the content that we love.




Hi there, my name is Angus. I’m a 26yr old half Japanese half Australian living all over Australia. When I’m not trying to come up with superfly ideas for this podcast I’m serving the country in the RAN as a medic. My life can really be put into 2 categories. The Military side and the Boon Tang side. (Yes,
that is a real side)
My military side is a regimented, career driven, goal setting, professional lifestyle that has set lifestyles into my life that I’m grateful for. My Boon Tang side is the complete opposite.
Cooking, music, Tv shows, gaming, telling jokes, watching movies, and hanging with friends.
Both compliment each other in a way that’s totally my own and that’s what makes me…. me